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1 definition by Kvlt Kommando

Burzum is a one man Black Metal band from Norway. His early music is black metal but he has evolved into dark ambient. His lyrics contain pagan and now neo nazism. The leader of this great band is Varg Vikernes, who also has played in Old Funeral, Satanel, and Mayhem. Varg is currently in prison due to the murder of Euronymous (Guitarist of Mayhem) and church arson. Varg has decided to end Burzum because he thinks his fans have stuck to the satanic aspect of Burzum and not the pagan or nazi part of it. Burzum also means "darkness" in Black Speech or Orthanc (speech of Sauron).
Praise Black Fucking Metal...Varg is a God.
by Kvlt Kommando February 16, 2005