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The people above me obviously have assumed that because this type of music is Christian, it's stupid and for "pansies". They couldn't be more deaf. If they had ever heard P.O.D,Kutless, Skillet, Twelve Stones (did duet w/ Evenescence for Daredevil and went on tour w/ them), Thousand Foot Crutch, or even Jeremy Camp which is softer rock, they would know they were completely wrong. Just because Christian Rock isn't full of hate and slander, doesn't mean it's lower quality or even that it delivers a straight message of "don't fight back" either. Some of this music's lyrics is just as full of angst that fills secular rock. Only the angst is delivered against those who blindly attack Christians, and cries in compassion for their loss. The rest of the music justly praises our awesome God, and deals with the struggles of being a Christian...because being a Christian doesn't take a pansy.
Look up the mentioned bands and see for yourself before you label blindly.
by Kutlessfan September 05, 2004
A genre of music performed, in reality, by extremely talented artists who gave up the secular industry and making possibly millions, to praise their Father. Some however, switch over from Christian to secular, sadly, or make crossover hits, like Switchfoot and Stacy Orrico. The assumptive sir above me doesn't know his music or he would know Switchfoot's vocals and strings have won various awards on both sides of the fence. As well as all of this proof of the quality of Christian music artists...it delivers a far better message than most secular trash. Sure the sound and talent is tight but that does not excuse the immorality of most lyrics on the secular beat.
Switchfoot rocks. POD rocks. Pappa San rocks (let's put shaggy to shame shall we?), Twelve stones (duet and tour w/ Evenescence) ROCKS. Kutless is just plain hot...Barlow girl is freakin awesome. Superchick is the Gwen Stefani of Christian music (great sense of style as well as great punk sound) AND currently indi band, Fixed Eternity is going to be a hit if they last.
by Kutlessfan September 05, 2004
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