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A World of Warcraft (or WoW) class that, at times, can be very annoying due to his/her DoTs, or Damage over Time Spells. The Fucking Warlock used to be the powerhouse of the battlegrounds, but with the release of The Burning Crusade expansion, he/she has been slowly nerfed to the point of fear becoming worthless, resilience being worthless for protection, and the player being two-shotted. The Fucking Warlock can also be summed up with the short term for the Warlock: "lock". The most common uses of the words Fucking Warlock} are after a player has killed a warlock, been DoTted, and has initiated a fight with another enemy player. The fight usually ends quickly for the warlock-killer, depending on how fresh the DoTs were on him/her. The warlock can, if the player knows his/her class well, be used to decimate competition in PvP encounters, as well as do incredible burst and damage over time in PvE encounters. The warlock class has been called many things over the years, but the most common use of the word:walock is that of insult and anger. Hence the phrases: "fucking warlock!!11!1", "god damn warlock with his god damn dots..", and "It was the warlock, with the succubus!"
That Fucking Warlock!!11!1
WtF hAx TaT lock killd meh aftr i killd him!
by Kushakd January 06, 2009

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