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Guys who play Lacrosse. Tend to have longer hair, and all around douchebag personality. Usually has an egotistical personality and always out to prove lacrosse is the best sport ever. Most have gay sex in the showers and are always thinking about themselves. They think they are totally bro and everything they do is so bro, yet everything they do is gay. Always trying to keep chiseled abs because it makes their dicks look bigger then the real 4 inches. Notable exceptions to this description tend to be people named Jeremy and Tomas. Some like Brians' and Pats' tend to slip in and out of these personality traits. The worse of the Lax-Bro bunch is anyone named Mason. Though the root of every Lax-Bro's gayness comes from them having sex with a girl and either getting Herpes or Crabs. Second worse type of person next to a Guido.
Regular Person #1: Dude, that guys is such a fucking Dick.

Regular Person #2: Haven't you heard, He's a Lax-Bro.

Regular Person#1: Ohhh, makes sense.

Regular Person #2: Just don't shake his hand he probably has Herpes.
by Kurtis Veritas Aequitas April 04, 2011

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