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1. Noun. A guitar amp consisting of an amp head and a 4x12 speaker cab.

2. Noun. A young guitar player who thinks that they know more than they do.
1. Hey dude! I just got a Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier Half-Stack!

2. Young Musician: Yeah, Line 6 Is way better than Marshall.

Experienced Musician: Kid, you've got a long way to go before you can say that.
by Kurt_F July 15, 2008
A Speaker Cabinet consisting of 4 12-inch speakers. The workhorse of Guitars.
I got this awesome Marshall 4x12 Cab the other day!
by Kurt_F July 16, 2008
A Guitar Amp which only consists of the Preamplifier and Power Amplifier stages. Speakers are purchased in a separate unit called a Speaker Cabinet. Amp Heads, or "Heads" are usually less expensive than an equivalent Combo Amp, as they do not have speakers, but they are far more durable and flexible.
Check out this awesome Dual Rectifier Amp Head I got!
by Kurt_F July 16, 2008
Maker of cheap guitar gear that focuses mainly on modeling. Notorious for their cheapness and crappy sound, they somehow manage to have caught on with such acts as Metallica and Black Sabbath. Why anyone would actually buy this shit, that's beyond me. So don't ask me why. The only thing i could think up would be the stupid wannabe metalhead teenagers who want to saturate a perfectly good guitar tone with nauseating digital reverb.
Hey dude, i just got a Line 6 Spider Half-Stack and burned it for shits and giggles!
by Kurt_F July 15, 2008
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