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1 definition by Kurt Cobain, the feminist

A person who is hated by (99% of) men.

A person who can just sit back and let men on this site disgrace their sex by writing demented and fantastically unintelligent definitions of "the woman".

Here some pearls of wisdom written by men about women on (and they repeat it over and over again because they are really clever lads):

"Useless stuff around a vagina"
"An object - not unlike a toaster"
"Inferior lesser sex"
"Cunt who deserves to be slammed and beaten"
"Superficial illogical stupid money-grabbing creature of hate"
"Satan's work to torture innocent perfect men"
"Useful for three things - cooking, cleaning and sucking"
"A woman should be raped and beaten"
"A mobile sperm bank and dishwasher"

To those man-ish things that post shit like that: You are the best arguments for radical feminism and abortion. You prove that misogyny, sexism, male machismo, male stupidity, and misanthropy are real. ETERNAL SHAME on you. Eternal shame, you self-appointed master class.

A question to all women: Why don't you stand up to this? Why do you keep writing positive things about them? How can you live with them and bear their evil spawn when you know that they HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH?
Man hates woman.
by Kurt Cobain, the feminist February 12, 2010
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