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The kind of non thinking that a JW or Dub does that causes them to say the things they do. A special brand of logic that no one else has unless they get indoctrinated in countless boring meetings.
"Jesus came back to Earth in 1914 but no one noticed cuz he is, like, invisible. But we noticed because we have special leaders who decoded the Bible and figured it out. Then they told us. Really. This is not a joke."

"Yeah? What kind of dubthinc is that?"
by Kurt Bethel January 26, 2010
A publishing and real estate corporation, based in the USA, that employs millions of people to work for them without pay, and even donate money, by telling them it is a religion. They publish a magazine of the same name in which they tell their employees they will live in paradise on earth if they obey their leaders and work hard for them. The employees are known as Jehova's Witnesses.
"Is it okay if I do this?"

"I am not sure. I will check the publications and see what the Watchtower says about it."
by Kurt Bethel January 26, 2010
Slang term for JWs, Jehovah's Witnesses. From the W part of the name.
Look, those Dubs are working the neighborhood today, get ready for the knock!
by Kurt Bethel January 26, 2010
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