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The cheapest and/or foulest tasting energy drink available at the time.
Person 1: Man, that drink I bought from Poundland is totally rank

Person 2: I told you it would be Jump Jib!
by Kuponuts January 04, 2008
Something that is totally great, commonly used by wannabe Cyberathletes.
Person 1: Man that is so CPL!!

Person 2: No dude, it's CGS.
by Kuponuts January 04, 2008
1. The Championship Gaming Series, a place for complete noobs to compete and show off ther lack of skills.

2. Something that is lacking of any value as an insult, the opposite of CPL
1. Lol, have you seen those fucktards playing source on the telebox?

2. Bob's new car is rusty as hell, it's really CGS
by Kuponuts January 04, 2008

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