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Douwata is the semi-canon pairing between Doumeki and Watanuki from xxxholic and Tsubasa by CLAMP. Watanuki being the uke and Doumeki being the seme. Some evidence of Douwata include:

~Doumeki gave Watanuki half of his eye.

~Watanuki gave Doumeki his entire eye.

~Doumeki sat in the rain for 10 hours trying to find Watanuki.

~Watanuki gave Doumeki a ring.

~Yuuko said (jokingly?) that Doumeki was on the other end of Watanuki's red thread of fate.
Fangirl: Doumeki just kiss the idiot!!! Douwata forever!!!!

Fangirl2: I am tired of canon, CLAMP make douwata official already!!!!!!!!!!
by KunoichiNeko July 21, 2010
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