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A method of ranking the nerdiness and idiocy of an act. Much like the pH scale, this ranks acts based on how ludicrously and socially outlandish the act truly was. It ranges from 0 to 14, 14 being the most unacceptable. No 14 has ever been recorded, but the scale leader and co-founder, Sir Collin (preferred title: Lvl 47 Dungeon Master) has come close.
CM hits his head after falling to the ground in a pick up game of football. Nothing nerdy there, if anything, very manly. Yet, he grabs his head, and in a loud voice shreeks, "OW! My cranium!"
Reason for achieving a 13 on the McCormack Scale: seriously, we all knew you hurt your head, but you used a multisyllabic word to get your point across.
by Kunkel March 26, 2008

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