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Lives on a mountain with Kung Fu Action Jesus and Superman. she suffers from a fear of insects and does not know the names of tools.

Her hobbies are throwing tools at her mountain pals when they ask for them, and lots of studying. also, Ka-Rah-Tay Skill Barbie hates potatoes and will throw sharp tools at it the instant she spots one.

Ka-Rah-Tay Skill Barbie does not like firedrills while she is around Gogonick, who tells her to "control her hormones" daily.
"Ka-Rah-Tay Skill Barbie is NOT sold in stores"
by Kung Fu Action Jesus June 15, 2008
Attends JPS high school in Edison, NJ. rumored to be the white power ranger.

His hobbies include; wearing the color white every day, running around in torn white spandex, eating large amounts of food, lifting light weights and complaining about how heavy they are, bragging about how rich he is,spiking his hair (very badly), being racist, and "morphing".

The White Power Ranger is identified by the white clothing, badly spiked hair, and an voice that sounds like a dieing kitten.

"It's Morphing Time!!!"
White Power Ranger = "White Power!!"
by Kung Fu Action Jesus June 15, 2008
In Gogonick's woodshop, it is said by Kung Fu Action Jesus and Superman at JPS. said to make a conversation idiotic, humerous, and sexual. results in "high fives" and saying "OH YEAH!!!" when it is not said by these two individuals, it is not effective.

saying "To You" after the "that's what she said" is used to direct it towards a specific person. usually to insult them.

Recently attempted by The Freshy, who failed miserably at it in June 2008.
"what's wrong with your wood?"
*high five*
by Kung Fu Action Jesus June 15, 2008

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