9 definitions by Kung Faux Fahey

Something or anything that has a ghetto, cheap, poorly made, crafted, painted, fixed, or constructed appearence to it.
That paint job on that car is graffitified, looks all ghetto and shit.
by Kung Faux Fahey August 26, 2007
Ghosted is when you sneak up on a group of people and take one of them out without them realizing it till after the fact they are missing, no sound was made or sign of how the victim was taken out, you hide in the shadows.
In MMO's or shooter games, when playing a rogue or ninja type class or in shooters, you snipe, knife, or do a takedown, you sneak up and burn down a player right behind the victim's group and they didn't even notice.
I just ghosted this noob and his group didn't see me and now they spreading out looking for me.
by Kung Faux Fahey August 26, 2007
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