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1. The transitional period where you move up from elementry school.

2. The transitional period where you discover your status among your peers.

3. The breeder for goths, emos, preps, nerds, jocks, posers, wiggers, and etc.

4. A place that you as a kid hate because of your peers that taunt, bully, and etc.

5. A place where the over used and taken out of context phrase "gay" is used by students that aren't creative enough to come up with better insults.

6. A place hated by manny pre-teens due to conflicts such as drama, peer pressure, obtaining a criminal record, and etc.
Many kids dispise middle school.
by Kumaru March 09, 2008
A game that can be played by using the name of a movie, band, song video game, etc. This game is mostly played by kids in school, people wanting to pass time because there is nothing to do, and etc.
1. Crank dat... In your pants.

2. 8 crazy nights... In your pants.
by Kumaru March 08, 2008
referring to the smell of a public restroom after someone takes a huge dump.
dude it smells like a wasteland in there.
by Kumaru March 09, 2008
The food they serve at Lower Dauphin High School
Whats for lunch? Shit on a shingle!
by Kumaru March 09, 2008

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