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Alot of mofo's, weirdass flies, lion lamps, also known as the feeling after sexual intercourse when the vagina still feels as if it is being humped really fast.
Hey Kari! Did you know Tammie feels Mofoses today, after what happened last night?
by KulpriT1234 August 17, 2010
The adjective of being a whore, to a level that is not comprehended among those who are not whores.
Kari, who are you going to fuck? Tammie wouldn't want our Whoreyness to overlap.
by KulpriT1234 August 23, 2010
The thing you do when a creeper wants you, stares at your boobs, takes a shit, then gets rejected. Usually done by the back of the hand, right up to the face.
Kari and Tammie need to Smackafag! The creeper David needs to be put in his place.
by KulpriT1234 August 29, 2010
A word that is used commonly with innocent children. It is a word used in the place of "Asshole." Used towards teachers and actual Assholes. But sounds pleasantly/surprisingly delightful to say when one is unaware of the meaning.
Hey Carl, your the biggest Vasmoosha i know!" "Aw Tommy, you too bro!
by KulpriT1234 January 28, 2011
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