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A physicall nerologicall disorder. The connections in the brain which allow social interaction to be instinctive are either damaged or not there . A person not on the autistic spectrum finds this concept vey hard to get to grips with because social interaction is completly instinctive from birth. Aspies have to learn this like a life skill so it is not in thier nature. Abnormalities have been spotted in the brains of autistic / aspie people during brain scans.To say the condition doesnt exist entierly does not stick. People who use this conditon like some "medal of honor" or "I am the chosen one"rubbish .Highly likely dont have the disorder since many people with the condition do not fling it around like a trophy. The condition appears to have become a "fashion accessory" over the past few years to explaine away poor behavyor. The lable dislexia is also abused in this way.
One key element is that on MRI images has shown that the Aspergers syndrome /autistic brain has to work harder processing faces,body language,large amount of information ,verbal information ect. Which the avaerage person will not even fret about. This can cause the aspie/autie to appear slow and dim.Sometimes the information is processed incorrectly and results in an incorrect/
inappropriate response.
by Kulifish July 02, 2009

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