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4 definitions by Kucamonga Kid

In other words, me. I am a FuckPilot.
I should shut up, right now.
by Kucamonga Kid March 28, 2005
8 3
A person who is a complete and total idiot. Should be used after someone says something to you, but doesn't have to.
Steven is a fuckpilot because he fell down.

Person: Your a fag.
You: Fuck you, you fuckpilot.
Person: *shuts up*
by Kucamonga Kid March 13, 2005
4 1
Best city in the world. Ethnic capital of the world. Has largest population of Mexican, Korean, Salvadoran, and Guatemalan outside of their countries. Everyone moves here to try to make it big and famous.
Movie capital of the world.
Yeah, it has bad traffic, smog, and crime...but so do many other cities. Like New York City. Except New York City is terrible. Los Angeles is the greatest city ever.
Best nightlife you'll find anywhere.
Best beaches and best looking women.
1: "I love Los Angeles, it's the greatest."
by Kucamonga Kid March 24, 2005
44 69
Major United States city with asshole people. The city smells very bad. The city dumb is on large boats on the river. You also cannot drive in that city because of too many asshole taxi drivers and regular asshole people. Too expensive to live their. Try to stay away from NY.
1: "New York smells like ass."
2: "New York has asshole people."
by Kucamonga Kid March 24, 2005
115 165