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Where a one-upper tells you a bigger and better story, usually by making it up, a Legitimate One-Upper doesn't make anything up because they really are bigger and better than you.
Player: Dude, you see those girls over there? Yeah. I totally banged them last night..

Rich Player: Oh them? I did them last weekend. And their sisters...

Player: *Mutters* Damn, you Legitimate One-Upper...
by KtotheQ May 22, 2010
When waiting in line for hours and finally approaching the window but the window either closes or the clerk tells you that somehow "You were on the wrong line" and you are sent to another line only to be sent to another and another in a vicious cycle of wasted time and frustration.

That is the nature of The DMV Treatment.
Person: Ugh finally, thanks for taking three hours of my life.. *walks toward window*..

Clerk: I'm sorry sir this window is closed now, go to the red line.

Person: Dammit. Fine..

*2 hours later*
Person: Geez, finally... *approaches window*

Clerk: I'm sorry sir, I'm afraid you'll have to go to the blue line.

Person: Goddammit! No! Open up bitch, don't be giving ME The DMV Treatment!
by KtotheQ June 10, 2010

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