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1. <Noun> The impossibly difficult to avoid selection of cookies or other pastries found at the cashier of supermarkets and small stores. "Donations" offered for chartity cookies help maligned, misfortuned children or animals and often display a picture of said creatures by the cookies, begging for your patronage or fear suffering damnation or, at least, bad karma.

2. <Noun> a) The uncomfortable responsibility one feels when offering sex in sympathy or support, b) The actual sexual body part dubbed cutely in confectionary delight.
1. "Hey, where did you get that delicious looking cupcake?"

"I bought it and two other charity cookies for the Homeless Chincillas Drive."

2. Although husband and wife were fighting only moments ago, some things she said made her feel bad, so she offered him a charity cookie.
by Krzyzewski99 January 02, 2012

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