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A sexual act where a male tells his partner he is going to thrust his penis into his partners anus. While his partner is lying face down on the floor he grabs both legs of his partner, straps on a condom, and pours tabasco sauce all over it, then proceeds to stick it into his partners ass. He then holds his partners legs while his partner wheel barrel walks all over the house in agony.
I gave your sister a spicy wheel barrel and she squealed.
by Krunk Palace April 23, 2008
A sexual act where a male vomits onto his partners pubic area, then proceeds to feast on the surrounding area.
I saw my dad give my mom a sloppy salad last night, and my God it was sexy.
by Krunk Palace April 19, 2008
slang, used to describe female genetalia. Also used to describe something weak and terrified.
That guy was a LaDainian for not playing in the AFC Championship game.
by Krunk Palace April 30, 2008
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