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A variety of weed from Detroit. 7 Mile Flame or just "Flame" or "Flames" for short should be dense, medium to darker green, and have a profusion of orange hairs.

named after 7 Mile Road that runs through Detroit out to the western suburbs. 7 Mile and Southfield and 7 Mile and Lahser are pretty hot areas of drug activity.
If you like to smoke you gotta cop a sack of that 7 Mile Flame.
by Krunk Nasty October 21, 2007
In Detroit this is slang for packets of heroin because it often comes wrapped up in old lottery tickets especially if you buy it at the Brewster-Douglas projects.
yo, ya wanna throw dome some scrilla on a few lotto tickets?
by Krunk Nasty October 21, 2007
A particularly awesome variety of ganja from Detroit. Ganz should be dense, a bright green, have a good amount of crystals and few or no hairs.
yo this ganz is the dank shit!
by Krunk Nasty October 21, 2007
To do up "a tent" (one tenth of a gram or 100 mg) of heroin (usually about three tickets).

I'm curious if anyone else has heard or uses this one.
whadya say we take these tickets back to the house and pitch a tent?
by Krunk Nasty October 21, 2007

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