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1. A class of giant fighting robots in the Anime series Big O. Several robots can be seen throughout the series, the most popular ones being Big O, and it's archenemy, Big Duo.

2. A massive, steaming pile of shit.
Oh my God! It's Megadeuce! He's coming to save the day!

Man, I wouldn't go in there, I just dropped a MEGADEUCE, and it's peeling the paint off the walls as we speak.
by Krunk! December 09, 2003
An Acronym meaning Absolute Fucking Garbage, first used when describing a movie released by Disney called MVP, or Most Valuable Primate. In proper context, AFG can be used to describe extreme dissatisfaction recieved from a product or service, or a lose/lose situation.
This movie is AFG. It's worse then Hitler.
by Krunk! December 05, 2003

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