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The blending of punk and the pirateering lifestyle. When a band or person writes a song about pirates, the often evolve into a piratecore group. Piratecore is an awesome way to be, offering a free and fun existence filled with much drinking, swearing, violence, theft, and womanizing. Always a good time.
Piratecore bands:
Mad Caddies
Flogging Molly
The Dropkick Murphys
by Krosios April 21, 2006
Pants that have been cut, branded or otherwise marked to appear like they are well worn, unwashed, ratty and have the overall look of those a pirate would wear.

Often worn by modernday Pirates who follow the Piratecore lifestyle
Josh - "Dude, you should get some new pants. Those are nasty"
Jack - "Calm down man. They're my pirate pants."

also: my pirate pants have shredded cuffs, scraped knees and an iron-on jolly roger on the ass
by Krosios April 21, 2006

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