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/'lih:gend / The antonym of a legend.
Used as subtle description or insult regarding an individual or object.
"He/She is a ligend"
"Thats a ligendary t-shirt you got yourself there"
by Kronos July 27, 2005
When a man sits on a girls face, letting his testicles dangle into her mouth.
Josh said,"Fuck, ima rassjack this bitch."
by Kronos August 15, 2003
1) a derogatory term for homosexual (from the Latin word that means bundle of sticks). It is usually used offensively, however, the gay community sometimes uses the word in an affectionate manner with one other
2) FAGGOT: acronym: Fantastic Awesome Gay Guy On Top
offensive: Get away from me, faggot!
by kronos June 21, 2005

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