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Very hard, raw, and emotional version of hardcore punk or post hardcore. These musicians actually have passion for thier profession and usually speak the truth. True poets of today. not fake, unlike rap, pop, or new wave (i.e. good charlotte). Screamo is usually fast with quick melodies and fierce banshee like shrills.
I went to a screamo show that featured glassjaw and it scared all the wiggers and guidos away.
by Krodos August 04, 2005
Pyscho Drama Queen. These are the queen pyshco bitches of the country. They pray on the innocent and prefer guidos and wiggers and crappy hip hop. Thier big hair hides thier lack of common sense and where the scar was from the labotomy. You can find these nut cases in NYC wanna be hip hop clubs. They also have a superority complex.
Look its a Jersey Girl. Run!
by Krodos August 03, 2005

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