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1) Prop. Noun. - A character from the game Diablo II who cons the player into buying goods at a high price which in reality are of little value.

• Based on the personality and attitude of the Diablo II character mentioned above, a number of words/terms are rising in use among gamers, explained below:

2) Verb. - To 'gheed' or to be 'gheeding' is to have a fit or to hold discontent about something or someone.

3) Interj. - to express mild surprise, delight, dissatisfaction, or annoyance. Replaces the term 'Geez'.

4) Adjec. - (gheedISH). causing one to have the idea or impression that something or someone is of questionable, dishonest, or dangerous character or condition.

1) In a sly tone: "Good day to you partner! I'm Gheed and I can already tell that I'll be your best friend in this forsaken camp.."

2) a - I'm gheeding hard about not winning that Ebay auction!
b - Matt will gheed when he sees you with Lucy..

3) Multiple usage:
a - Ahh Gheed.. the Red Socks lost AGAIN!!*
b - haha gheed! I'm loling so hard at that guy's face!
c - Gheed Chris.. did you need to put vinegar on it?

4) a - No offence, but your brother is a little gheedish.. I caught him checking out my mom..
b - That cheeky store clerk is trying to sell me a gheedish shirt saying it's not a knock off!

* It should be noted that 'gheed' following an 'ah' is usually pronounced long, ie - 'Ahhh gheeeeeed!'
by KritzishKosta July 05, 2011

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