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1. (n) a male version of a gold digger, willing to sacrifice integrity and respect for a life of comfort. The beneficiary of a Sugar Mama.
2. (n) one who latches on to a wealthy ladyfriend, in order to avoid working or a tradionational occupation. Easily identifiable by their lack of ambition and individual thought (relational equivalent of the Yes Man in the business world).
"Stedman is Oprah's federline"
"That guy has no talent to speak of. It's a good thing he's a federline."
by Kristomie April 13, 2005
1. (n) Academic discipline/major whose fundamental teachings may vary from school-to-school. Testing is usually based on essays & projects that are susceptible to subjective grading. Usually associated with 'the Arts'.
2. (n) Any college course where your social relationship with the professor can outweigh your actual knowledge of the material.
3. (n) An individual who has declared to major in one the fuzzy studies.
1. Art, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, English, Liberal Studies, etc.
2. "Sara's writing style never changed, but her grades began to improve after she started babysitting for the professor."
3. "Sara used to be a math major, but she couldn't cut it. So she declared as a liberal studies major. Now she's a fuzzy study."

NOTE: if you attempt to transfer schools and realize that a majority of your previously-earned units are not accepted at the new school, you're probably in a fuzzy study.
by Kristomie April 13, 2005
A term used to end a conversation. Synonymous with 'goodbye', but with more street cred. See also one.
Person #1: I'll talk to you later. Cool?
Person #2: Aight. Bones.
by Kristomie April 13, 2005

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