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Someone who is acting like a bitch.
Jenny stole my man, that Smoochka.
by Kristina April 24, 2004
Same as kristin said!! to replace any actions, or words, or as to use as a curse word!; if u are surprised use the word waboaph!
your such a boaphing boapher! your mother-boapher! Your boaphing up the wrong tree mister!! boaph off!! boaph you! that's so boaphy! WABOAPH!!!! Kristin is such a boapher! (lol! jk kristin!! )
by Kristina December 19, 2003
saying hi to someone or calling someone a name but saying a so called "cruse word"
what's up Noka

why is he being such a noka
by kristina April 08, 2004
Bollington is full of them
and it is the cricket clubs favourite word
bollington is numptyville

look at those numptys
by kristina September 13, 2004
The act of excessively loud kissing by an obnoxiously lame couple or the act of being generally obsessive with your significant other. Commonly referred to as being gay.
The wicked gay couple was making out in front of the local pizza shop on Main street while holding each other in an affectionate, but also very flamboyant manner. It was the most disgusting display of brucely to happen yet.
by Kristina January 25, 2005
rake yohn HATES mustard
listen to GnarKill's MUSTARD MAN song
by Kristina March 22, 2004
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