51 definitions by Kristin

people who are girls
my laidies and i are the best
by kristin June 03, 2004
when a guy is given head, the guy takes your head and shoves it all the way down, cums and it cums out of your nose
I almost choked from that mad bull last night. That shit went straight to my lungs.
by Kristin October 31, 2004
something very cool, funny, random, yay
thats so wongy!!


by kristin October 19, 2003
the marks on the body left when a girl presses her wet coochie onto it, usually after sex
"baby, want some stamps?"
"it's 2am. What do I need to mail right now?"
*presses coochie onto leg several times*
by Kristin December 20, 2005
1. Acronym for 'Xtreme Clan Rapists'
2. One of the greatest XBOX live clans
3. Ranked number two in their ladder
4. Has members that can own anyone in Rainbox Six 3.
XCR owns j00.
by Kristin April 03, 2004
also.....::::to make something funny, awesome.
lets wong it up!!!

its gonna be wongy!!
by kristin October 19, 2003
doing a person from behind, you choke them with your shoelaces, and beat them in the head with your shoe (preferably Nike). then you cum all over his/her back, and you mix the blood from his/her head with the cum creating red and white swirls, much like Starlight Mint candy

eating cheetos
I am eating cheetos in public. I don't care if anyone catches me, if they do I will give each and every one of them a Nike Starlight.
by Kristin October 31, 2004

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