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A girl who tries to be stylish, but it comes out hokey/lame/corny
"You ain't nothin' but a stupid hokamama."
by Kristin January 03, 2005
like a rootie tootie, involves shitting inside of a vagina

see also rootie tootie
I gave her a rootie tootie, then flipped the bitch and filled her taco.
by Kristin October 31, 2004
used to replace any action, name, or describing word
You are such a stupid boapher!!! You're the boaphiest person I've ever met!
You're boaphing up the wrong tree,
What the boaph!?!?!? (WTB?!?!?)
by Kristin November 13, 2003
old rednecks who cant speak english
aaron is a fucking kinfolk from south carolina
by kristin October 19, 2003
attempting to eat as much good food as possible.

a good day consists of a delightful breakfast, snack, and dinner.
1) a good breakfast, incorporating any or all of the following: cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, ham and cheese omelettes, yogurt, eggs over easy, orange juice (tropicana), hashbrowns, fruit

2) good snacks, again, incorporating any or all of the following: easy mac, cheetos, cereal (counted as breakfast OR a snack), carne asada quesedilla, carne asada fries, breadsticks, in n out, ice cream, popcorn, jones soda, oreo shake, oreo anything, fries, cookies, harvest pie

3) a great full meal, usually only incorporating one or less of the following: PIZZA, chicken and dumplings, fried chicken, chicken parmegian, lemon chicken, any other form of chicken, fettucini alfredo, shrimp, steak, pork chops, mashed potatoes, chinese food, ribs, chili in a breadbowl
by Kristin April 15, 2005
The practice of being a jock sniffing,Oakley wearing,name dropping,Outfield loving,Denali driving,Glavine blowing,acne squeezing, tennis hack, radio DJ,bad actor wannabe.
Steve Barnes of 92.9DAVEFM in Atlanta
by Kristin January 13, 2005
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