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ZARA is a notible fashion clothing store, with various stores world wide, in exelent city locations, normaly bought only by upscale individuals who are willing to pay more to look great.
Meg: I love your outfit!
Liz: Thanks i bought it at Zara at the Foreign Shops in Vegas
by Kristian January 26, 2005
An apple maccintosh computer usually running OS9 and/or earlyer. They would offten crash, or, "freeze up", when running multiple applications, making them unusable.
Gawd this thing froze! Stupid mac n trash!
by Kristian January 26, 2005
Comes From the word bich or female dog, mostly used as a insult or refer to someone who is a bich.
Fuck you Bizznach!
Bizznaches ain't shit!
by Kristian September 10, 2004
Ugly surname
glennemo är ful
by Kristian June 09, 2003
"to claim a success under the influence of alcohol"

Followers of Kristianism will know the difficulty of reporting their successes whilst still inebriated, and so the close proximities of the "n" and "b" keys meant that "I've won" would frequently become "I've wonb".
(used on 01/01/05)

have i wonb?!?!
by Kristian January 02, 2005
F.P. or Fag Potential is a person whos sexuality is doubtfull; somone who can be straight but in his actions/clothing/talking/mannerisms can act gay.
Gaylord: Look Steven theres that hot mike...I wonder if hes gay?

Steven: Totally F.P.
by Kristian January 26, 2005
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