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Poo chasing love monkey, someone who can't keep their lips from devowering ass chocolate
get your dirty lips away from my a-hole you dirty scathound.
(The poo ferret is a scathound)
by Kris Hughes December 05, 2004
Man who gives Jip
Phil c (churston)
by kris hughes July 04, 2003
Glock wielding Skool kids
Churston Ferrers G School
by Kris Hughes June 21, 2003
Place of Thieves, PIMPs, Thugs and Gs - known to have the worlds greatest pirate radio station
Kris Hughes, Phil C, T Lowe, Ant W, Jamie Unwin, Don Coreloane all comute there
by Kris Hughes June 21, 2003
One Of these fellons who new to the game
Jamie Unwin is a vagrant
by Kris Hughes June 21, 2003
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