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When you seclude yourself from others to talk to the one you love, either through text, phone call, or face-to-face.

Ones that engage in 'boo love' often are oblivious to their surroundings including the heckles from their friends when trying to grab their attention.

Signs of 'boo loving' can be seen when a person is smiling from ear to ear while texting or on the phone despite the fact that from an outsiders view, nothing is funny.
Briii: Where is Manny at?
Kris wita K: You know that jigga has to boo love at the end of the day , look at him smiling like a dummy.
(Kris wita K turns back to Briii to notice Briii as well is now smiling like a dummy and texting on his phone)
Kris wita K: Clowns...
by Kris Giovanni December 08, 2011

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