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Talks black to blacks, white to whites, but loves the green, am I right?
Halle, Girl, I am so mf-ing excited to see that ghetto ass in Catwoman!
Miss Kidman, how is your 401K?
OOOOO, AHH, money in my pants!
by Kris Benson March 29, 2005
If you likes the curry cooter, this is your gal
Bake me some lamb saag, Mallika Sherawat, it is your duty....AND DON'T SHOW YOUR FACE TO THE NEIGHBORS EVER AGAIN OR I WILL BEAT YOU!
by Kris Benson March 30, 2005
One freckly ole black man.
Oh snap, gramps look like Morgan Freeman!
by Kris Benson March 29, 2005

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