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90 definitions by Kris

silly person
You screwed it again U R a real mupet
by kris October 17, 2003
19 8
abbreviation for awkward.

awk, used in some contexts as a verb, to describe someone's actions in an awkward situation.
"he would rather stay at the party and awk around. he doesn't even know anyone."
by kris March 29, 2005
78 68
A greeting commonly used by NEDs and Bam's in and around the Glasgow area.
Haw man! How's it gon'? Thoat ye wur bringin the bucky ya daft cunt!

(translation) Hello my friend! How are you? I was under the impression you would be supplying the tonic wine today, you silly contemptible person!
by Kris February 08, 2005
10 1
Taken from a Teen Girl Squad animation from Homestar Runner, "possums" can be used to mean that something is negative or not good.
My boss asked me to work overtime today. It was definitely possums.
by Kris September 28, 2004
14 5
One who's characteristics are similiar as those of B. Scorzetti.
Bill is such a jeevio. He swears he's a red rate.
by Kris May 14, 2004
10 1
One of the more horrific items of practical jokery, basically a "liquid filled" used condom thrown at a (soon to be former) friend or preferably an enemy as you would a water balloon. Not Recommended if you want to remain popular, or indeed, alive.
"Well your honour, I stabbed him 40 times as the previous day he got me in the face with a particularly well filled spunkbomb, covering my skin my clothes, and possibly my soul, with foul salty seminal fluid"
by Kris April 06, 2005
7 1
1. Telling somebody to suck your dick.

2. Telling somebody to bow to you.

3. The act of proposing marriage.
You better hit your knees, bitch.
by Kris July 27, 2004
8 2