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4 definitions by Krin Gabbard

A sudden attack of violent diarrhea.
"I went to White Castle for the first time and got an enormous diarrhea ambush that night!"
by Krin Gabbard July 11, 2005
A big jerk, idiot, imbecile. A rude person not willing to admit his or her mistake(s).

Pronounced: Doosh-eh-saw-rus
"Some guy came in the diner the other day and didn't leave me a tip; even after I gave him a free order of fries! What a douchesaurus!"
by Krin Gabbard July 11, 2005
A cockblunder is a giant mistake usually caused by overlooking a very obvious situation or circumstance.
"You put your penis in the toaster?!?! That's a cockblunder if I've ever seen one!"
by Krin Gabbard July 11, 2005
(1) A black, female, actress who starred on the 1980s/90s teen show "Saved by the Bell."

(2) Someone who is ridiculously uncool or stuck in the 1980s.
"Dude! That snap bracelet is so Lark Voorhies! Take that sh*t off or you're not coming to the concert with us!"
by Krin Gabbard July 11, 2005