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a Masturbationalist, is simply a person who finds that masturbation is the answer to all problems in the world.
bob: Hey, jim, why dont you join us masturbationalists?

jim: yeah? and how would that solve all the existing problems these days?

bob: thats a good question... you'll just have to masturbate to find out, eh?

Jim: hm... sounds good.. i think i will join the masturbationalists, then

bob: good move..im sure you'll like it
by Krimson~ November 03, 2006
The action of a girl rubbing her crotch from the outside of her pants and then smelling her fingers
1.I saw Jordana do the pussniff several times in history class.

2.Alix did the In-pant-Pussniff in grade 6, and thought that nobody saw her.

by Krimson~ November 03, 2006
The attitude of someone being a pussy... this word is derived from the words pussy and attitude.

Pussy + attitude = pussitude
when linda asked marley to go and tell Jim that she had a crush on him Linda was showing pure pussitude.
by Krimson~ November 06, 2006
A word used when refferring to a bearded lady who is prosibly a transexual or "tranny", but you aren't exactly sure... oh yes and she also smells like a butcher shop.
hey look!, shestheman is coming, we better get out of here before that beard of hers decides to form its own colony. eww she smells
by Krimson~ November 03, 2006
The term originated from the word rediculous; used when describing somthing that is absolutely rediculous..
Her hair looks redarndangdiculous today!, What the hell what she thinking this morining?

What a redarndangdiculous thing to say!.
by Krimson~ November 04, 2006

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