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A verb. To 'Clegg' (or 'clegg on')is to put a spin on something disagreeable; especially for the individual - no matter how much - but do so in defence; and especially in an earnest way. This verb is named after the Liberal Democrat politician, Nick Clegg, who has consistently defended Conservative policies within the Con-Lib-Dem coalition.
To clegg on the subject of drink driving: "No-one likes car crashes. But to imply that drinking somehow impairs one's ability to control a vehicle is just scare-mongering - and it's the sort of jittery overreaction that causes most accidents in the first place. The simple fact is that only by calming our minds with alcohol can we keep a steady hand on the tiller."
by KrikenKing October 26, 2010
The word that actually means exactly the same thing as 'egotistical...'

1. Caring about oneself rather than others.
2. Tending to talk excessively about oneself.
3. Believing oneself to be better and more important than others.
4. Egotistical
by KrikenKing March 11, 2010
A music player that plays MP3, WMA and similar-type music files and looks suspiciously like an IPod. It may or not have better functionality, but either, unlike any make of IPod, it isn't horrendously costly.
Guy 1: Applefag.
Guy 2: What?
Guy 3: You have an IPod there, Applefag.
Guy 4: It's not an IPod, it's an, er...Fakepod.
Guy 5: ...Fakepod?
Guy 6: You know, an music player that looks like an IPod but isn't stupidly expensive.
Guy 7: I see... You've opened my eyes at last!
by KrikenKing January 16, 2010
The best word to say super fast, even more than supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Guy 1: What should we do next?

Guy 2: putanothershrimponthebarbie !
by KrikenKing March 02, 2010
A young business enterprise for British school 6th-formers.
Guy 1: What are you selling this for?

Guy 2: It's for young enterprise.
by KrikenKing March 10, 2010
Going out of your way/speaking up to do something unnecessarily - usually in defence or to protect someone. And it is usually associated with naivety or idiocy, even.
Stop bending backwards to defend the prime minister. True, he's not necessarily bad in this case, but it's not like he's some hero, all of a sudden.
by KrikenKing February 28, 2010
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