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acronym for We're Gonna Win. an online term used by someone who knows the odds are greatly in his team's favor.

the antonym is WGL (We're Gonna Lose) and is used when the odds are greatly in their opponents favor
online FPS:
player 1: no one on the other team even has a KDR above 1.0
player 2: WGW

player 1: the entire opposing team is zerg
-meanwhile the rush fails-
player 2: WGW easily now

-USMC has every capture point-
USMC soldier: WGW

Yankees playing the Mariners? WGW

Marlins fan: Josh Johnson is pitching! WGW
me: you're forgetting the Marlins' bullpen

The Heat got Bosh, LeBron & D-Wade ... WGW
by kriegszeit July 28, 2010

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