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Ebonics for "cock."
Also a variation of "fo' shizzle my nizzle"
Suck my cockizzle, bizzle!
by Kremit March 28, 2003
Slang for pickled red beets. Origin unknown; first overheard during a dinner conversation and somebody asked if I wanted any "hogballs."
Hey kids, do you want some hogballs?
by Kremit March 28, 2003
More polite way of saying something is "fucked up". Origin most likely from the website FARK.com
Man, this is really farked up!
by Kremit March 28, 2003
Phrase meant to be blurted out when one is bored, confused, angered, or enlightened.

The following example is a good sentence that contains more than 4 expletives.
Shit on my bitch while her ass is getting fucked!
by Kremit March 28, 2003
Variation of "shit on my bitch" combined with "shizzle my nizzle".
Shizzle on my bizzle, fo' bizzle izzles pizzle!
by Kremit March 28, 2003

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