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5 definitions by Kremit

Slang for pickled red beets. Origin unknown; first overheard during a dinner conversation and somebody asked if I wanted any "hogballs."
Hey kids, do you want some hogballs?
by Kremit March 28, 2003
7 0
Ebonics for "cock."
Also a variation of "fo' shizzle my nizzle"
Suck my cockizzle, bizzle!
by Kremit March 28, 2003
4 1
More polite way of saying something is "fucked up". Origin most likely from the website FARK.com
Man, this is really farked up!
by Kremit March 28, 2003
5 3
Phrase meant to be blurted out when one is bored, confused, angered, or enlightened.

The following example is a good sentence that contains more than 4 expletives.
Shit on my bitch while her ass is getting fucked!
by Kremit March 28, 2003
5 8
Variation of "shit on my bitch" combined with "shizzle my nizzle".
Shizzle on my bizzle, fo' bizzle izzles pizzle!
by Kremit March 28, 2003
8 13