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A substitute for "hanging around," or "loitering."
Stop liming around those asians.
by Kremer June 07, 2004
Sex appeal.
That bitch has mad shake appeal
by Kremer June 06, 2004
Someone who watches only commercials for the "Chapelle's Show" and uses quotes from it.
"I'm rick James Bitch!"
by Kremer June 06, 2004
Person who has a fetish for "Shit Love."
Yo, that fools' got the shitlips.
by Kremer June 06, 2004
pig latin for you dropped your pocket.
you say it to make some one look down.
by Kremer April 19, 2005
A Whack cracka.
That wacka is tryin' to get up all in my grille!"
by Kremer June 06, 2004

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