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StaringVacantly is "The Final Boss of The Internet", a last challenge for those skilled enough to make it all the way to the end. He's always accompanied by the floating, disembodied head of Mike Vogler, who has taken the position of "Sub-Boss". Together, they destroy all that would oppose them, and even some people who dont'.
"I beat the internet. The end guy was hard."
by Krem January 08, 2005
Rick is a very bad man.
Hide the kids, Rick is coming!
by Krem January 08, 2005
A l33t PK H4x0r.
He 0wnz J00.
BA's been slacking off again...
by Krem June 03, 2003
The co-founder of starmen.net, and a translator for Funimation.
"Who is this tomato, and why does he take medication?"
"Tomato is a Big Mouth Billy Bass. And he dosen't take medication; medication takes him. If you look on the back of most asprin containers, you'll see that the active ingredient is Tomato.
by Krem June 03, 2003
Sometimes, people jokingly refer to the internet as a game of sorts, and, like all games, it must have a final boss. Who or what the final boss truly is has been disputed, but one of the more accepted claims is that the position is held by Scott Willoughby, aka StaringVacantly.
Now I am the final boss of the internet!
by Krem January 09, 2005
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