16 definitions by Kregg

most commonly used in AOL, AOL instant messanger. or message boards.
also known as an avitar

a picture used to describe how you feel about something
"dude i got a sweet buddy icon of my fav. band"
by Kregg October 18, 2003
a scarf put on a doggy,
"dude look at the dog, i put a scarf on him .... now he has a doggy scarf"

doesnt he look cute
by kregg December 25, 2004
the place on a arcade machine where the tickets come form

one of the most comonly jamed parts of a arcade machine

"one of those damn kids stuck a token in the ticket mech"
by Kregg October 18, 2003
a word matt has made up to refer to any object a generic noun
hand me that titty fucking cock bitch


hey titty fucking cock bitch, hand me that soda!
by kregg March 06, 2005
when something smells so bad its like something died
dude what the hell is that smell? its stank-core
by Kregg October 15, 2003
being hella ultra sleepy
man dude i stayed up on the computer sending in things to urbandictionary.com and im so tired-core
by Kregg October 15, 2003
used to describe male genitalia
"Tiny elvis has stage fright" ~Doyle from bio dome
by Kregg October 18, 2003

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