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Basically a game of Spin the Bottle on crack, usually played at parties and sleepovers. It is like Spin the Bottle in that a group sits in a circle around the bottle and a person spins it. They have to kiss the person it points at. But the second part of the game is that after the bottle points at someone, you pull a slip of paper out of a nearby "Bucket" that has slips of paper with kissable body parts written on it ("neck", "lips", "nose", "hand", "ass", "belly", "back of the neck/spine", etc.) and they have to kiss the person in that place, then put the slip back and mix them all up again.
Suzy: Hey, wanna play Spin the Bottle, Beat/Kick the Bucket at my sleepover?

Jacy: Sure, what's that?

Suzy: Well....
by Kreatur45 September 28, 2010
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