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noun; Emotions are the primary driving force of the irrational person. Most emotions are created without marrit. When provoked, most humans tend to rely on these instinctual urges rather than their own true thoughts. Controlled my a human's thoughts, they can become out of control.
The man had been locked in a prison cell for ten years for something he did not do, and becamefearful of those around him who had let their emotions blind them from the truth.

When his girlfriend told him she didn't want to go out with him any more, his emotions took over and he went into a violent rage before hating her.
by Kreada April 17, 2006
An invention of human irrationality. People first created this concept when they lacked a way to describe the instinct to mate with one person. Simply because they felt a desire for someone, and they did not want to be concidered "crazed for intercourse", the term love was invented.
Man saw Woman and found her attractive so, the par began conversing frequently; after some time they were in love with each other and procreated the race.
by Kreada April 17, 2006

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