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A delish, freshly baked pie filled with the fragments of n00bs.
I was pwning so mcuh that de_dust looked like a smashed pwnage pie, so I took a break and ate some nooblet cakes.
by Krazy Kyle September 18, 2006
A person who is acting immature or drunk-like when they are actually sober and laughing hysterically about it.
Tom is such a zeep lately; he keeps stealing my pencils and shoving them up his nose.
by Krazy Kyle September 17, 2006
The dumbest character ever from the Matrix series who, when in danger, likes do do nothing but yell his name in a powerful tone as his defense. He will always find a way to get himself in the worst possible situation.
Person: Oh shit, Ballard is being a dumb ass again trying to block bullets with his face.
Ballard: BALLARD!
Ballard: BALLARD!
Person: ...I hate this game.
by Krazy Kyle January 31, 2008

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