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Really gross or unpleasant.
Girl: Wow, look at Chanelle's hair. Erlack!

Boy: Who left this pizza out over night? Erlack!
by Kraytheili May 12, 2009
It's very cold.
Normally used in an outside setting and by girls.
Being nippy noodles can cause THO in any gender.
Lenne: Ugh, I don't want to walk the dog, it's nippy noodles out there!
by Kraytheili May 12, 2009
Noun: A Goth Gossip is a word used when someone talks to an emo/goth/punk/scene/ or anyone who they wouldn't normally associate themselves with to find out gossip and rumors about another person (who may be in their social clich). Can be used to keep up with people whom you don't want anyone to know that you talk to them. Normally, another friend who is more likely to bee seen talking to them is sent in ones stead to get the goth gossip of the day.

Frequently used when said popular person used to be friends or acquaintances with some other clich chick but due to some reasons they are no longer friends. Popular person normally wants juicy gossip to tell all of the other persons' friends.

Can also be called "gothip".
Marie didn't want to ever be seen talking to Anne, the lame "goth" girl of the school, so she asked her friend Lynn to talk to Anne to get the goth gossip about Nikki, her old friend. Luckily, Anne didn't suspect a thing, so she spilled about how Nikki was sleeping around and copying other gothtards.
by Kraytheili April 30, 2009

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