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2 definitions by Kray Shay

a type of dance move when a person dramatically falls backward into a struck pose on the ground; typically used to end a performance, intimidate a dance competitor, or as a show of excitement; often provoked by someone elongating the word 'and'; commonly seen within gay social dance events; also called the death drop.

"That hoe was tryin' to call me out at the club last night when she shablammed on the dance floor."

"She broke out the Beyonce 'Sing Ladies' choreography, then wrapped up the show with a shablam. She a bad bitch."
by Kray Shay February 25, 2012
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a figure of speech primarily used by gay men to denote when another gay man is displaying a strong, favorable and diva demeanor; to acknowledge the 'fierceness' of a gay man; sometimes repeated in a sing-song or chanting fashion to cheerfully celebrate the 'fierceness' of a gay man.
"Look at that guy walking with the bubble butt and Armani scarf around his neck. She cunt, honey!"

"She cunt! She cunt! She do it like her mother would. She do it like her father would. She do it like no other would. She cunt! She cunt!"
by Kray Shay February 25, 2012
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