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A.R.D (abbr. Anti-Rape Device*) adjective.

An outfit or item of clothing either so complicated or so ugly that even a rapist wouldn't bother to try and do you.

* disclaimer: there are some sicko's out there that even a poncho and track pants won't stop.
1) Jeans so tight and therefore difficult to remove that they function as to stop a rapist in their path; e.g. 'Man, my jeans are an A.R.D. , it took me ten minutes to get them on today' .

2) An outfit or item of clothing so unattractive, it wards off potential rapists. E.g. 'This hoodie is so gross, it's such an A.R.D. but I don't care, I'm compfy.'. or 'Man, did you see what she was wearing?! Total A.R.D. '
by Krave-ing March 17, 2011
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