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Spur of the moment insult, used to confuse and completely throw off your would be assailant.
Kuro: "Fuck you man."
Krasek: "Fuck you too!"
Kuro: "Get a life!"
Krasek: "Grow a face!!"
Kuro: "....WTF?"
by Krasek January 11, 2009
Contrary to popular belief, a power dump is a term used when one is so busy that time cannot be wasted!
Commonly used whilst raiding in World of Warcraft, and you want to remain top of the damage meter.... I suppose it can also apply to work, watching sports... whatever.
To save valuable seconds, you go in, and instead of relaxing and letting nature do the work, you push til you're red in the face and force that shit out and 100mph!! Followed by a speed wipe, then back to doing whatever it was you're doing.
Krasek: Gotta take a dump!

Kuro: Hurry dude, we're about to start on the last boss!

(30 seconds later)

Krasek: Back

Kuro: That was fucking quick!!

Krasek: Yeah I know, power dump FTW!! May have given myself a hernia though.
by Krasek November 11, 2009
Green poo: An excellent excuse for not going to work/school/friend or girlfriends house cos you really REALLY CBA!
Where the excuse of 'been sick' or 'got a cold' has worn so thin, green poo is such a strange excuse it wouldn't be questioned!
Worker: "I can't come in today, I'm sick."

Boss: "Oh really? and what is it this time? another cold?"

Worker: "No, I'm freaked out! I'm going to have to go to the hospital! I had a green poo!!"

Boss: "..... woah... really?!"
by Krasek February 21, 2009
A term used to describe a ladies monthly cycle.... CAUTION! it's use may cause offence/death.
Guy 1: Ain't getting laid this week...

Guy 2: Why not?

Guy 1: She's having a cunt dump....

Guy 2: Lame...
by Krasek November 02, 2009

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