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Another euphemism for the Pork Orc. In other words, an unwashed belligerent liar one must work for.
Zeke: I had to work through my lunch hour because Betsy thinks I came in an hour late.

Clem: Crater-faced cunt.
by Krakky McKraken November 05, 2006
Possibly apocryphal paramour of the Skape. May bear a striking resemblance to certain film stars. Only appears once a year, at certain holiday feasts.
Clem: Have you met Alfred, the Skapegoat?

Zeke: Why's he the Skapegoat?

Clem: 'Cuz a goat will eat anything.
by Krakky McKraken November 04, 2006
Also, "F.A.P.L.A.W."

Abbreviation: "Fat Ass Psychotic Lazy Ass Windbag."

Short-hand title for the Purplepotamus.
Purplepotamus: O my gawd! You can't send this letter out like this! I'll get in trouble!

Zeke: This has nothing to do with you!

Purplepotamus: Yes it does!

Zeke: Then if you don't like it, why don't you, oh, I dunno, do your own work?

Purplepotamus: Becawwwwwwse Joel won't let me leave my desk!

(She storms off.)

Zeke: Motherfucking FAPLAW!!!
by Krakky McKraken October 05, 2007
Interjection of choice of the Ding. On a bad day fully 75% of what she has to say will consist of "um."
Ding: Um, did you see my book?

Clyde: What was it called?

Ding: Um, I don't remember. Um, bye!
by Krakky McKraken November 05, 2006
A name for a hillbilly, particularly ones from mountain country. Examples include Clem, Bocephus, and Zeke. Female Appalachian Appellations include Daisy & Ellie Mae. Of course, hillbillies do not use the term themselves, since they can't pronounce the word APPELLATION.
"Hi, I'm Bocephus Billy-Bob Burgundy."

"What kind of name of Bocephus?"

"Why, that thar's a Appalachian Appellation."
by Krakky McKraken August 05, 2006
Pompous busybody who stands up during meetings to publicly embarrass themselves by giving passionate but utterly false and/or idiotic speeches. They're also very bossy and always have opinions about subjects they know nothing about.
Clem: Elaine turned into Little Caesar this morning and started ranting about the change in the dress code policy, so the others all started throwing half-eaten bagels at her.
by Krakky McKraken November 12, 2006
Short for "Dingbat." An incredibly dumb blonde who may or may not be an alien, a cyborg, or the victim of a sadistic experiment in brain-theft. So strong is her ignorance that it actually radiates outwards; this can cause intense pain in the listener. Her conversations are rambling, incomplete, and surreally pointless. Smells like animal urine. Sits in its own vomit.
Clem: Oh no, here comes the Ding!

Ding: Um, I saw this movie last night.

Daisy Mae: What was it called?

Ding: Um, I don't have time to talk about it. Um, bye!
by Krakky McKraken November 05, 2006
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